The Bishop's Mitre- May 2017

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​Bring & Buy Shop

We need your extra household items, kitchen ware, etc. One man's trash is another man's treasure! See Patricia Barrymore, and remember to visit the shop during coffee and fellowship to spot the bargains!

​St. Edward's Yard Sale-
Saturday, July 15, 2017
​Don't miss some great finds! Donations of yard sale items will be accepted in the church parish hall starting Saturday, July 8th.
​May Reflections

A Rose for Mom!
Let this flower remind you that you are God's gift to your children. Just as flowers give joy and beauty, so you have given joy and beauty to your children.

Thank you for the love you have lavished on them day in and day out without ever counting the cost. Thank you for taking the time to listen to them and laugh with them along life's journey.

And, may God bless all our mothers who have gone to their rest. May they be at peace, eternally enjoying God's garden of delights.

​Opening Your Heart to Stewardship
Through stewardship, we are called to reflect on the many ways in which God has blessed us as individuals and as a parish. All that we have, including our families and our own lives, is a gift from God.

Most of us think of giving in very limited terms, such as making a contribution in the offertory plate. But as Christians, we are asked to give more than just money. We are called to give of our time, our talents, and our treasures. Stewardship, in fact, is not about your church's need for money, but of your need to give.

Responsible stewardship is essential for any parish to exist. On the one hand, the Gospel must be proclaimed. On the other hand, the material need of our church must be addressed. Priests must be adequately paid in order to carry out their ministry, necessary items need to be purchased for the celebration of the Mass, and church buildings must be maintained.

St. Edward is your spiritual home. We are all responsible for the financial upkeep of our beautiful and historic church. By joining our stewardship fund in making a weekly pledge, you will be helping the priest, treasurer, and vestry to budget parish funds so that our pastoral and material needs can be met.
Q & A
What is meant by Western Rite?
The word ‘Rite‘ means forms of worship or liturgy. There was always a Western Rite and an Eastern Rite in the One Church prior to the 11th century split. As Western Catholics, we believe and accept the same holy Faith as that professed and believed by our Eastern Orthodox Catholic brethren. But we express that one holy Faith in the traditional Western manner, and especially by our restoration of the traditional Rite of the Western Church in the celebration of Holy Mass, a rite which is our true liturgical inheritance.

What does that mean?
We are the Western Catholic Church but we do not follow the Church of Rome. This means that the healing of the eleventh century split between the Eastern and Western Churches has begun.

What else does it mean?
It also means that we are a true restoration of the Catholic Orthodox believing Church, the Church of our forebears. Although our unity of Faith with our Eastern Orthodox Catholic brethren is a reality, it will take time for this to be publicly acknowledged. We, Western Rite Orthodox Catholics, are comparatively small in numbers. We now extend to many parts of the world, with a membership of many thousands in our overseas dioceses, but our numbers here in this country are comparatively small.