The Bishop's Mitre- February 2018

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​Candlemas Annual Meeting & Potluck

​All parishoners are encouraged to come to this important meeting on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018 immediately following the 10 a.m. Mass. Bring your favorite dish to share! The 2017 finances will be discussed, along with parish updates and goals for this new year.
Bring & Buy Shop

Bring your unused and no longer needed household items- jewelry, toys, dishware, etc., to the Bring & Buy Shop. Visit the shop after Mass; you'll be surprised at the bargains and hidden treasures you may find.

​February Reflection

Doesn't Cost a Cent
The most rewarding love on earth
Does not cost us a cent
And can't be bartered, bought or sold
And can't be lost of spent.
It keeps us safe in its embrace
Throughout each night and day,
And is a beacon on this earth
That lights the Christian way.
It is God's sacred love of heart
To last beyond this life
And be a haven for our joys
And refuge for our strife.
And in return He only asks
We worship Him each day,
And share His blessing and rewards
With all along our way.

Micahel Dubina

Q & A
What is meant by Western Rite?
The word ‘Rite‘ means forms of worship or liturgy. There was always a Western Rite and an Eastern Rite in the One Church prior to the 11th century split. As Western Catholics, we believe and accept the same holy Faith as that professed and believed by our Eastern Orthodox Catholic brethren. But we express that one holy Faith in the traditional Western manner, and especially by our restoration of the traditional Rite of the Western Church in the celebration of Holy Mass, a rite which is our true liturgical inheritance.

What does that mean?
We are the Western Catholic Church but we do not follow the Church of Rome. This means that the healing of the eleventh century split between the Eastern and Western Churches has begun.

What else does it mean?
It also means that we are a true restoration of the Catholic Orthodox believing Church, the Church of our forebears. Although our unity of Faith with our Eastern Orthodox Catholic brethren is a reality, it will take time for this to be publicly acknowledged. We, Western Rite Orthodox Catholics, are comparatively small in numbers. We now extend to many parts of the world, with a membership of many thousands in our overseas dioceses, but our numbers here in this country are comparatively small.